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Butterfly Iris
Big Blue Lily Turf
Butterfly Iris

Common name:Butterfly Iris
Botanical name:Dietes vegeta

This clumping evergreen iris bears tall, narrow leaves to 30" tall and white flowers marked purple in the center on stalks to 3' tall. This variety has stiffer, darker foiliage than the bicolor form. It requires sun to part shade with little or no summer watering when established. -Monterey Bay Nursery

Big Blue Lily Turf

Common name:Big Blue Lily Turf
Botanical name:Liriope muscari

Grass-like clumps of dark green leaves 1" wide up to 18" long ae found on the Liriope muscari. It can reach a height of 12-15", and dark blue flowers spikes can be seen held above the leaves during the summer. This is an excellent border, accent or ground cover plant that requires part shade exposure.


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