Circle Within Square Gate
Boston Ivy
Black-Eyed Stella Hybrid Daylily
Boston Ivy

Common name:Boston Ivy
Botanical name:Parthenocissus tricuspidata

This deciduous vine grows leaves that are usually lobed and divided into 3 leaflets. It clings tightly to any surface.

Black-Eyed Stella Hybrid Daylily

Common name:Black-Eyed Stella Hybrid Daylily
Botanical name:Hemerocallis 'Black-Eyed Stella'

The first All-America Daylily Award Winner! Bright yellow/gold with a reddish eyezone and dark blue-green foliage. Excellent for mass displays. Created from Stella de Oro, the most successful daylily in history, Black-Eyed Stella was the result of over three thousand hybrid crosses. It has been rated as excellent for growth in eight zones across the US and Canada.- Greenwood Daylily Gardens

Designer: Four Dimensions Landscape

Circle Within Square Gate

Photographer: GardenSoft

Soils and Compost:

Practice grass-cycling by leaving short grass clippings on lawns after mowing, so that nutrients and organic matter are returned to the soil.

Integrated Pest Management:

Remove irrigation water and fertilizer from areas where you don't want weeds to grow.